When Are Squirrels Active / What Sounds do They Make?

If you’re starting to believe that you really do have an animal living up in your attic, how can you know for sure that it is a squirrel rather than something else? Fortunately, there are sounds you can listen for that will tell you if it is a squirrel or something else. The time that you are hearing these sounds can also give you a clue as to what you’re dealing with.

Squirrels are most active during the day, meaning that they are diurnal, so if you’re hearing noises it is more than likely going to be in the early morning and early evening. Much like your routine, this is when the squirrel is getting up and out for the day, and then returning and settling in at night. Many other types of animals are nocturnal, meaning that you would be hearing the noises at night time, so hearing noises during the daytime hours are a good indicator of squirrel activity.

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Since squirrels are pretty small animals, the sounds that they make can often go undetected. However, if you are listening carefully, you may be able to hear their light scurrying and scratching noises. Depending on where the squirrel is, you may hear these noises right above you or it may sound like it is coming from the walls. You’ve more than likely seen how fast squirrels can run up a tree, so you can expect their scurrying sounds to be relatively quick as well.

While squirrels are common year-round, you may notice that you are more susceptible to squirrel activity in your attic during their breeding months. Typically, the mother would like to have her nest already built in your attic before her litter comes, so that she is not having to move the babies. Squirrels are capable of having 2 litters a year, the first being between February and April, and the second between August and September. These are the initial peak months to notice squirrel activity, as well as the following 8 weeks after birth as the babies are helpless until then.