Why do Squirrels Stay in Attics?

It seems like squirrels do pretty well for themselves out in the wild, so why would they want to seek out your attic? Good question. Squirrels do seem to be doing fine out in the wild, there are so many of them, and many times people even feed them so they don’t have to scavenge for food too much! However, many times, squirrels are seeking shelter in your attic that they can’t find in the wild.

So why the attic? More than likely, you hardly ever use your attic space (except for all those Christmas decorations from your mother-in-law, which are awful, but you HAVE to keep them on the off chance she mentions it when she visits during the holidays and that would be just one more thing for her to complain about) and since you are rarely up there, squirrels can go for a relatively decent amount of time without being noticed. Attics will also provide them shelter from extreme weathers, and helps to keep them warm and dry.

Rat Control

Squirrels are also looking for shelter from their natural predators. Since squirrels are such tiny animals, they have a lot of animals higher up on the food chain that they are constantly on the look out for. Animals such as birds of prey, snakes, and wild dogs and cats are among their top worries. Your attic is perfect place for them to hide from many of these predators, and they can finally take a deep breath and relax – so they think.

Mother squirrels are often looking for a safe place to house her babies, which are born blind and defenseless. If they are left in a tree, predators can easily come and snatch them; but in your attic they can stay safely nestled, even if momma has got to run out for food. They use the insulation that keeps you warm as a nesting material to dig into and hide their babies in.

Since rats are omnivores, they will eat pretty much anything, and you’ve probably noticed that they aren’t picky when they’re in your kitchen. While it’s true that rats will eat anything that they can get their paws on, there are some baits that may prove to be more effective when trying to catch rats.

Peanut butter is a commonly used bait, since rats aren’t able to chew through the jar that peanut butter comes in. It can often be a new and exciting treat to lure them into the trap. They are also particularly fond of meats, something with a strong smell, such as a Slim Jim or bacon will also entice them.