How to Trap a Squirrel

As soon as you are 100 percent sure that you are dealing with a squirrel, it is time to purchase a trap! There are many different types of traps on the market that you can buy, it depends on what you are looking to do with the squirrel. There are traps that allow you to catch and release the squirrel and there are traps for when you prefer…not to release the squirrel afterwards. Keep in mind, it's extremely important to know for certain you've got a squirrel, squirrel traps are designed for SQUIRRELS so if you have any other animal in the attic you will most likely not be able to catch it with a squirrel trap.

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The best type of trap (if you’re not trying to kill the squirrel) are small live traps. These are little steel cages which have a door on one end and a trigger that the animal can step on that will cause the door to close, once the door closes the squirrel will be trapped in the cage until you release him. You will have to bait this trap, since it is unlikely a squirrel will just wander into an empty cage willingly. Once you have trapped him, you can drive him far far away to an area that may be more suitable for a squirrel, such as a nice park or forest.

There are also lethal traps on the market that you can purchase, these traps are essentially large rodent reaps. They will snap back on the squirrel as soon as they reach into it and either kill them or seriously hurt them- to the point at which you would have to mercy kill it.

Either way you look at it, trapping squirrels can be a tricky undertaking. They are Relatively smart animals, and that means you may not catch one on your first couple of days. The Main Thing is to keep checking the traps. You want to make sure to check your traps daily, rather live trapping or lethal trapping. With live traps you want to make sure that the animal is not suffering, and with lethal traps you don’t want to leave a dead animal rotting.