How Do Squirrels get Into the Attic?

When you watch a squirrel scurry up a tree, you get a pretty good idea of how agile of creatures they are. Not only can they climb quickly, they are able to grip almost any type of material and climb it. This makes it extremely easy for them to scale your walls and gain access to your home with ease.

Most times, squirrels will take a shortcut and climb a tree close to your roof and then jump onto it. From there they are able to locate any access points that they can use to get into your attic. While it may seem impossible due to their size, squirrels can easily fit into a hole that is just about one and a half inches wide! Not only does this make finding their main entry point extremely difficult, it also makes finding any hole that could be a potential entry point difficult.

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Often squirrels will use roof returns (where the shingles and soffit meet in a corner of the roof) as their main entry point, as well as any vents or pipes that may be open. While not as common, they are also able to gain entrance via your garage or any stairs as well. Basically, if you have any open areas on the outside of your house, squirrels will find them and use them as entry points.

This makes it very important to go over your home and identify all potential entry points. Even if a hole doesn’t look like it is large enough for a squirrel to fit through, you still want to have it fixed as squirrels will use their teeth to enlarge the hole to where they can fit.

If you have already identified that you have squirrel issues and you are sealing up their access points, make sure you are not dealing with a mama and her babies, if momma gets separated from her babies and sealed out to where she cannot reach them she will go CRAZY. If You Have Children, you can relate. She will potentially end up causing excessive damage to your home to try and get back to her pups.