Exclusion Techniques

The exclusion process is one of the most important parts of removing a squirrel from the attic, sealing up all of the hole prevents not only the problem animal from coming back, but prevents any other animal from gaining entry as well. Exclusion is just a fancy word for sealing up all potential access points on the home. All animals leave a scent trail behind, called pheromones, for other animals to follow, so even if you were to move your squirrel to Antarctica (please don’t because he won’t live), even more squirrels will follow the pheromone trail right into your attic. That is, unless you have sealed up all of the ways for them to get in. While you can start the exclusion while squirrels are still inside your attic before you completely seal your home you want to make sure that all squirrels are vacated from inside. If a squirrel becomes trapped inside of your attic, he will eventually die, leaving you with a rotten odor.

Rat Control

You will want to go over your home in great detail several times to ensure that you have sealed every open spot. Start with obvious entry points and then you will be able to spot the more difficult ones easier. When you are sealing holes on the exterior of the home, the best method is a steel wiring that they are unable to chew through, enforced by bolts. This way they cannot chew through, or pull off the wiring.

If the squirrel has chewed through wood or soffit, you may need to replace it. If the wood damage is significant, it may be a good idea to get in touch with a contractor and obtain their opinion about the best way best to take care of replacement of wood in order to don't result in any damage to the structural integrity of the house. If it is something you feel comfortable patching, just make sure that there are no spaces left around the patch that the squirrel could attempt to chew through again.

You should start the exclusion process as soon as you identify a problem so that you are cutting down on the number of entry points that any other animals could use to get into your home.