Dangers of Squirrels in the Home

If the noises you may be hearing are getting annoying, sadly they are the least of your troubles when you are dealing with squirrels in the home. While having nay wild animal in your home is a potential hazard, and you may think squirrels are safe because they live so closely to you already anyway, they still come with a list of their own problems that you don’t want in your home.

To gain entry, squirrels can squeeze through tiny holes that they find on the exterior of your home. However, they can also chew into the materials on your home to create entry holes. In fact, they are well known for doing this in the eaves of your home so that they have direct access to the attic.

As a part of the rodent family, squirrels have the constant need to gnaw on things to keep their teeth dulled. While there are many things for them to sink their teeth into in your attic, one that you may not be thinking about is electrical wiring. Sounds like it would be a bad idea for them to chew on, however they are well known for doing this. If they chew through to the actual wiring and leave it exposed, this creates a fire hazard and can potentially put you and your family at risk.

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They will also chew on your insulation as they pull it apart for nesting material, not only could this harm the squirrel but if they do significant damage to the insulation you may end up having to have it completely replaced. Wooden beams are perfect for them to dull their teeth on, and after time they could even eventually end up snapping them. Since some of these beams are important to the structural integrity of your home, this is also a major issue.

With all of these risks in mind, you don’t want to let a squirrel issue get out of hand. The more squirrels you have in one area, the higher the risks get.