Cleaning up After a Squirrel

After all of the squirrels have been eradicated and your home is sealed up, you may finally feel as though you get to take a break. BUT WAIT. There is more. Remember the poop you found in your attic? Yeah, it’s still in there. So, before you can take a break, you have to clean up all of the mess that they left behind. It is sort of like inviting rude toddlers to your house, they ruin everything and leave, and there you are, left to clean everything up.

Rat Control

Squirrels also leave their pheromones behind, which other animals will follow and attempt to get into your attic. If you have sealed your home properly, this isn’t an issue and you can laugh as they fail at getting into the attic. However, if you maybe missed a spot or two in the exclusion, they will get inside and you may have even more unwanted guests in your attic. The cleaning up process is not fun or glamorous in anyway, so you will need latex gloves and a face mask to protect yourself.

Best Case Scenario: The squirrels didn't do too much damage to your insulation and you're ready to go in with paper towels and pick up the droppings manually, making sure to dispose of them immediately. Don't forget to wear your gloves and mask!!!! You will then want to go over everything with a disinfectant, or simply bleach and water mixed together.

Worst Case Scenario: Your insulation is completely damaged and you may have to reach out to a professional to assist you in completely renovating the attic. While this can get pricey, at least you’re getting completely new insulation never touched by animals!