What is the Best Squirrel Bait?

No matter what kind of trap you chose, you are going to want to bait it to lure the squirrel in. The smell of food will be what makes the squirrel curious. Think about it, if you just have a hunk of metal that they aren’t used to just sitting there, the squirrel is just going to say "no thank you" and move along its merry way. So what kind of bait should you be using? Squirrels are known for eating many different types of foods, but there are some baits that have been proven to be effective.

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There are several types of "Squirrel Baits" out there, however they can be expensive and honestly, you can certainly do much better with a few things you already have in your home or something you can pick up for cheap at your local grocery store. One of the best baits to use would be peanut butter, which you are often going to have this already on hand from your kitchen. Just smearing a little bit on the base of the trap will be enough, as just the smell alone will peak the squirrel’s interest. As an alternative, you may also use whole peanuts and you should receive the same outcome

For those who own a bird feeder, then you have probably noticed that squirrels like to eat the seeds from it. In fact, I think I see more squirrels on bird feeders than actual birds. So, you can also take seeds from your bird feeder and sprinkle them in the trap as well. If you’re feeling really daring, you can even put them ON TOP of the peanut butter.

Squirrels Will eat pretty much anything that's fruity or has nuts, so even for those who have a Granola bar just laying around you can use that as well. If you notice a bait isn’t working, try to give it a couple of days before changing it. Too much change will more than likely frighten the squirrel, so you want to try to stay consistent to get them comfortable.